About Our Program

More consumers than ever turn to the internet to go shopping. If you want to find a way to make money while shopping online, Rebates and Cashback and Mr. Rebates is here to help. Unlike many other online shopping rebate sites, we work with many major retailers. This means you don’t have to change where you shop, just how you shop.

Why Sign Up?

Get Paid for Everyday Shopping

Most people do at least some of their shopping online. Are you getting rebates when you shop at your favorite online stores like Victoria Secret, Petco and Ulta? If not, you need to join today!

Over 2000 Stores!

These are not stores or sites that you haven’t heard of. These are popular chains like LL Bean, Staples, and Kohl’s. There is no limit to what you can purchase and all purchases work towards your rebate.

Up to 30% OFF every dollar you spend!

When you shop through Rebates and Cashback and Mr. Rebates you can get up to 30% CASH BACK on all your purchases.

Shopping with us is easy and free!

It’s always free to join! Just sign up using your email address, click the link to the online store of your choice and start shopping. We make it easy for you to get the money you deserve.

$5 bonus just for signing up!

New members will receive a $5.00 bonus just for signing up! Use your bonus at any store!


Busy? Shop online at your convenience.

Shopping online has made it easier than ever to get the products you want without even leaving your own home. We help you find the best deals at the online stores where you already shop.

Weekly Coupons and featured stores

Coupon clipping takes a lot of work and time and doesn’t really work for everyone. We offer free online coupons that will help you save money on all the purchases you make through our website.


The savings can really add up!

Rebates and Cashback and Mr. Rebates may not seem like it would save you much money, but the savings can really add up. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


An Easy Way To Save Money

Saving money can be hard. Turn to us for the largest number of online retail rebates. We don’t want to change where you shop; we just want to change how you shop.

‘’Mr. Rebates is Awesome! I get to shop at all of my favorite online stores and save money. Thanks, Mr. Rebates!”
Sarah, Massachusetts